Año de nacimiento: 1745

Año de fallecimiento: 1831

Fuente consultada WWW LC auth. file, 8-11-2002
Información encontrada (Bell John, 1745-1831; bookseller, circulating library and type founder, printer and newspaper publisher and proprietor and binder. In competition with a combine of some 40 publishers brought out 'The poets of Great Britain' 109 vols. 1777-82; also published Shakespeare 1774, and 'British Theatre' 21 vol. 1776-78, all small format cheap editions printed at York and Edinburgh. One of the most successful booksellers of his day. Bbookseller to Prince of Wales 1787-1803; active newspaper publisher: 'Morning Post' 1772, 'World' 1787; 'The Oracle' 1789, 'Bell's Weekly Messenger' 1796-1819, 'La Belle Assemblee' 1790)