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Britten's forever!, D.L. 2013

Grove Music Online, 08-06-2012

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(Britten, Benjamin; chorus with instrumental ensemble or solo instrument; 82, Children’s Crusade, ballad (B. Brecht, trans. H. Keller), children’s vv, perc, 2 pf, org, 1969 (chorus score 1970, fs 1972); Wandsworth School Choir and Orchestra, cond. R. Burgess, London, 19 May 1969)

p. 3 del folleto del CD (Children's crusade, op. 82, a ballad for children's voices, two pianos, organ, and percussion ensemble; words by Bertolt Brecht; intérpretes: pianos, Josep Buforn & Andreu Gallen; organ, Òscar Boada; Percussions de Barcelona; Cor Vivaldi) carátula del CD (partes: In Poland, in nineteen thirty nine; And, there was a dog; And then there was a trial; So, there was faith; Once, to be sure; Nothing like the world they are leaving; In Poland, in that same January)