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Mezinárodní Filmový Festival Karlovy Vary [en línea], 03-01-2006.

La mosquitera, 2011

Internet movie database, 03-01-2006

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carátula del DVD (Festival de Karlovy Vary)

(Mezinárodní Filmový Festival Karlovy Vary; MFF Karlovy Vary je jeden z nejstarích filmových festivalu vubec (1. rocník se uskutecnil v roce 1946).)

(Karlovy Vary International Film Festival; the festival takes place since 1946. Its first two years were non-competitive showcases. The competition was started in 1948 and with the exceptions of 1953 and 1955 the festival was held annually until 1958. From 1960 on to 1992 it was alternating with the Moscow Film Festival, being celebrated annually again since 1994)